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About Our Research Panel

Research & Polling, Inc., New Mexico’s largest market research and public opinion company, invites you to become a research participant by registering for possible selection for focus groups, mock trials, and/or our online panel (Internet surveys).

By providing the requested information, Research & Polling can determine whether you are eligible for particular studies, based on our clients' requirements. You are under no obligation to participate if selected for one of these research projects. Furthermore, the information you provide is confidential (see Privacy Policy below).

Types of Research You May Be Selected For

Focus Group - A small group of participants is brought together to discuss a specific topic. The participants are guided by a professional moderator through an interactive discussion which reveals insights, ideas, and attitudes/opinions about a wide variety of interesting topics, including new product and service testing, public policy issues and entertainment.

Mock Trial - A forum where attorneys present a case summary to a group of participants in order to gain insight on the case.

Research & Polling, Inc. pays participants of focus groups and mock trials. The amount participants are compensated is dependent on the study. Snacks and/or light meals are typically provided to participants.

Internet Survey - Participants are sent an email with a link to a secure website where the survey is located.

Depending on the study, participants may be offered an incentive or chance to win a prize for completing an Internet survey.


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