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Mapping / GIS

Mapping / GIS

GIS (geographic information systems) is used to analyze data spatially through maps to find patterns that may not be easily observable from a table or spreadsheet. Research & Polling utilizes GIS to look at data that has a geographic component. We analyze data and produce high-quality maps that allow our clients to easily visualize the results.

Custom Mapping

Research & Polling can produce custom maps of different sizes and scales, from detailed street maps to statewide maps, for different types of information, ranging from customer locations to election results.

Custom maps can be generated to show:

  • Service areas
  • Customer locations
  • District boundaries
  • Site locations
  • Population patterns
  • Election returns
  • Voting precinct boundaries


Geocoding is the process of assigning a geographic location to an address. Once an address has a physical location within a GIS, it can be displayed on a map and analyzed based on underlying geography and attributes associated with the address.

Research & Polling uses geocoding to analyze:

  • customer distribution
  • voter behavior
  • travel patterns