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Redistricting Services


Redistricting is a term commonly used for two types of boundary adjustments. The first, and one which normally happens every ten years, is the redrawing of district boundaries for elected offices. These boundaries determine the areas elected officials represent, whether they are Congressional representatives, state legislators, county officials, or city councilors, to name a few.

The second type of redistricting refers to adjusting school attendance boundaries. This process determines the school a student will attend based on his/her residential location.

Elected Offices

Redistricting is the process of dividing a population into equal parts for equal and fair representation by elected officials. Research & Polling has extensive experience redistricting election districts in New Mexico.

Since 1986, Research & Polling has completed more than 150 redistricting projects, for all levels of government from local school boards to congressional districts. Brian Sanderoff, our president, is qualified to testify as an expert witness on such projects.

Among Research & Polling's redistricting projects are:

  • New Mexico State House of Representatives
  • New Mexico State Senate
  • United States Congressional Districts in New Mexico
  • New Mexico Public Education Commission
  • New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
  • County commissions
  • City councils
  • Hospital boards
  • Water boards
  • Local school boards
  • Magistrate judicial districts
  • Community colleges

Attendance Boundaries

Research & Polling, Inc. helps school districts adjust their attendance boundaries due to changes in student population, the addition of new facilities and school closures.  We can also help districts realign the boundaries to provide for more equitable distribution of students among the current schools.